Business area

ATON HT S.A. operates in the area of waste-free innovative technologies of thermal waste treatment, including hazardous waste and the recovery of valuable materials. In recent periods, the Company developed (and patented) several technological solutions related to the waste disposal process and then successively implemented new solutions for the devices it produced.

Technologies used

  • MTT (Microwave Thermal Treatment)
MTT is a patented company solution that enables the construction of reactors that can neutralise a wide range of hazardous waste at very high controlled temperatures. The essence of MTT activity is the non-contact heating of waste with microwaves (from the inside out, the opposite to incineration) until reaching decomposition temperatures. Waste is heated in its entire volume with little energy expenditure. The process does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere.

ATON technology makes it possible to significantly reduce waste disposal costs, CO2e emissions, landfills and incineration using our combined microwave thermal processes. Thanks to the flexible design of the apparatus with modern technological solutions, operators can use the devices in a range of difficult locations and are tested to be effective on an extensive range of waste pollution.

  • MOS (Microwave Oxidation System)
MOS is the combustion of pollutants in exhaust gases until they disintegrate into components of the original molecular structure of the waste. Therefore, MOS is adaptable for the afterburning gaseous exhaust gases from furnaces, incinerators, and paint shops.

Application of technology

A significant advantage of ATON technology is transportability and adaptability. Operators will neutralise waste where it occurs (mobile technology, on-site at hospitals, on board a vessel or at a remote mining site). Adaptable, with patented algorithms, for waste contaminated with toxic substances (used transformer oils containing PCBs, paints, varnishes, sealing substances, etc.), when storage is not allowed as for typical waste.

The MTT technology is used in the treatment of hazardous waste.

Energy Recovery

ATON technology can also recover energy (heat and electricity) generated during the disposal or processing of high-calorific waste, such as all plastics and polymers, car waste (ASR) or used tires. The scope of the Company’s technology applications are divided into the following groups:
  • Utilisation:
Wastes containing, asbestos; Medical waste; Veterinary Waste, Laboratory waste (blood samples, dental waste, etc.); Biological waste; Municipal waste; Sewage sludge.
  • Cleansing of pollution spills:
Earth and sand from organic pollutants, Gases, and odours from incineration.
  • Recycling:
Valuable industrial components (Zn, Al2O3); Telecommunications and electrical waste (power cables), metals from Ewaste, Char for graphite, heat and electrical energy
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