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ATONIT is a product which is the result of disposal of waste containing asbestos in the microwave reactor, ATON 200. It will be tested for its use at wastewater treatment plants. Podlaska Nature Station NAREW „Green Technology Center” will incorporate ATONIT into two new wastewater treatment plants, currently under development, and will conduct comparative studies of the possible use of this material in soil-plant wastewater treatment plants in environmentally valuable areas.

Study focused on the use of ATONIT is a part of the project realized within the framework of the consortium whose members, along with PSN Narew, include Technical University of Bialystok, EKOPROM  P.H.U., Polish Association of Engineers and Sanitary Technicians as well as German Stiftung Arbeit und Umwelt der IG Bergbau,Chemie, Energie Abwassrfachabteilung based in Hanover.
The Consortium was created to conduct comparative studies of technical solutions which utilize new materials in construction and development of plant-soil wastewater treatment plants in environmentally valuable areas.

ATONIT is a material similar in structure to pumice, porous, containing  particles with large surface area and easy to crumble. It is a by-product of the asbestos disposal using the MTT technology.

Thus far, the possibility to use ATONIT in construction has been confirmed -  as an additive in the production of concrete, concrete blocks, and in road construction technology. ATONIT is marketed commercially and has the required approval of the Building Research Institute, Institute of Occupational Health and National Institute of Hygiene.

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